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What Is Pre-Settlement Litigation Funding?

When a person is injured and someone else is to blame, they can file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party to seek financial compensation that will pay for their medical care, lost earnings, and other losses or injuries they have experienced. This provides a way for an injured person to rebuild his or her life.

Personal injury lawsuits are an invaluable part of our legal system here in the United States, but like all legal proceedings, they take time. A victim could end up waiting months or even a year or more for a case to be resolved. How is an injured person supposed to make ends meet during this time?

Pre-settlement funding is essentially a cash advance against a potential settlement or award. It offers immediate financial assistance to personal injury plaintiffs in the form of an advance that only needs to be paid back if the case is won. The beauty of pre-settlement funding is that it is provided at no risk to a plaintiff. You can seek legal funding without having to worry about a monthly payment, with the reassurance that you pay nothing unless and until your case is won. Best of all:

  • You can get the cash you need as early as tomorrow.
  • We advance up to $200,000, or more in some cases.
  • There is no monthly payment, and we only get paid if you do.

The time between the filing of a lawsuit and the receipt of a settlement or award can last months or years. A pre-settlement loan can be used for living expenses, bills, groceries, medical bills, and other needs while a plaintiff waits for the case to progress. There is no application fee, no credit check, and no employment verification. The only collateral is a potential settlement or award. If that is not achieved, there is no repayment.

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